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  • Summary: BTS, ASLAN and VIPER are 3 of the most prominent and ferocious mafia gangs in the country. Itachi-centric. BTS Reaction: You Leave After A Fight (Mafia AU)(Hyung Line)(A/N: Requests are going strong at the moment, and for the fans of my series, Loving Joke, don’t worry, I’ll update soon. Thank you. #writing . Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do an arranged marriage scenario with jungkook from bts, where he doesn’t love reader at first but she’s always there for him and he’s always with other girls until she tries to leave and he realizes that he loves her. tt/2prbO5i. . “ I’m sorry baby girl do you want to repeat that”. Warnings: Mentions of death, mentions of cancer, Please do not repost/translate/use my stories without permission. Preparing dinner reminds you of all the struggles you’ve experienced in your marriage. Jungkook All black Y/N's and Jungkook's families are gangsters. Filed under yukook gfriend bts bangtan jeonjungkook jungkook GoldenMaknae btsgfriend yuju choiyuna yuna mainvocal sinb yerin sowon eunha umji rapmonster jin jimin jhope taehyung suga yoongi hoseok namjoon seokjin. This is part 1 of this ridiculous little mini-series. I want to give a shoutout to @0demian0 for creating this moodboard! I can’t thank her enough for helping me with this! Te quiero mucho mi preciosa raya del cielo! Please check her out, she creates amazing art! I want to give a shoutout to @0demian0 for creating this moodboard! I can’t thank her enough for helping me with this! Te quiero mucho mi preciosa raya del cielo! Please check her out, she creates amazing art! arranged marriage au, millionaire au, e2l, smut, angst bts bts smut bts scenarios bts imagines bts fanfic bts oneshots bts reactions namjoon smut seokjin smut Jimin has always appreciated it though. ― summary: you were in an arranged marriage with a man you’re convinced isn’t fit to be your husband. <3) Bangtanbananas (I love her creativity <3) - Surreptitious Jimin sighs, delicately rubbing his temple. thank you jungkook scenarios bts scenarios jungkook smut bts smut jungkook scenario bts scenario jungkook bangtan boys bangtan scenarios taekook scenarios taekook bts mafia au jungkook mafia au k-pop scenarios k-pop kpop kpop scenarios min yoongi suga yoongi kookie jeon jungkook jeon jungguk jeon jungkook scenarios masterlist home/arranged marriage au/Jinyoung. An arranged marriage. ” “Good thing you can look on the positive side of that shit, but not on the fact that you probably have a hot as fuck vampire wrapped around your finger. (Arranged Marriage!AU) FANFICTION BTS. Please keep in mind that this was not written in a definite timeline, which means this scene might happen in any part of the main story or it could not even be a part of it at all. The last two weeks had gone by in a haze. Did you know that your contract was an arranged marriage?” “I didn’t deceive you and yes I knew that but I only knew that much. ” Keep reading. taehyung/reader | Tagged as #bts mafia au #bangtan sonyeondan #bangtan x reader #bangtan #bts au #bts scenarios #bts fanfic #bangtan sonyeondan reactions #bts reactions #bts fanfiction #bangtan fanfic #bangtan x you #min yoongi x reader #min yoongi fanfiction #bts suga #bts suga scenario #suga scenarios #agust d #agust d fanfic #hunted #kpop imagines #kpop Disclaimer: These works are completely fictitious and for entertainment purposes only. PG-13 Romance Comedy Drama. As their gang grows, so does the rate of violence and crimes. A/N If you’ve ever wondered why Jungkook gave up being a pediatric doctor to work for Yoongi, or why Yoongi lets Jungkook get away with so much in comparison to everyone else, you might enjoy this mini series. Thank you for writing this 5 days ago (reblogged from rosaetae) ⊸Pairing: BTS Seokjin ⇆ Reader. BTS Writers Collective is a safe and positive environment that provides supports to each writer and allows them to share their love for BTS while making new friends. It’s a Hybrid Au where the OC is a dragon hybrid who is forced, as it is in her blood, to serve the king. After sharing your feelings with your sister, she then leads Minseok to believe you’re in love with him. Reaction to You Being Busier Than Them. ” “I’m gonna take that as a compliment. This is an arranged-marriage AU story, a trope I don’t love too much unless it’s really well done, and had very strong Game of Thrones vibes. ⊸Genre: Bear Hybrid | Actress | CEO | Arranged Marriage | Fluff | Angst | Single (Arranged Marriage!AU) FANFICTION BTS. Mainly a BTS writer, but i’ll also dabble in other fandoms from time to time! BTS // GOT7 // MONSTA X series will be illustrated with a header image whereas oneshots and drabbles will not! Oh Sehun was naked. My mental health is not where it needs to be and it’s time I prioritize it and work on stabilizing myself and my real life. King Tae Tae is a kind, mysterious, and relatable King. ) Jun 27, 2018 · BTS Mafia Reaction: Their wife running away again ♥ Thank you so much! hope you like it! ♥ ~Hyejin Hyung line, Maknae line EXO, GOT7 SeokJinHe always voiced his annoyance to you and his close BTS, ASLAN and VIPER are 3 of the most prominent and ferocious Mafia gangs in the country. When Lee Sumin was called to the Palace, she thought it was the end of her life; but instead, she received an important task. genre: future angst/fluff/smut, arranged marriage got7 fluff im jaebum kpop fanfic vampire au arranged marriage AU member x bts bts jk bts v bts jungkook This is an arranged-marriage AU story, a trope I don’t love too much unless it’s really well done, and had very strong Game of Thrones vibes. He also got the pleasure of braking up my relationship with my old boyfriend who he hated. The moon was like one big pearl, shining brightly over your head. send your curiosity here -hiatus- Naa 🌻 BTS fic 💕 MASTERLIST Mar 11, 2016 · Marriage is difficult, especially when your parents arrange it for you! The boys of BTS are the first to encounter her and the rest is history. Oh shit, it used to be so beautiful the flower bed we watered, even still, all the full blooms have become Arranged Marriage Fic. In that white dress her sister gave her a few months prior which is almost too tight now. VIPER has been increasingly infiltrating and taking over other gangs. BTS. September 17, 2016 I would also like to recommend @neonlights92 ‘s Monster series, a mafia/arranged marriage au that it’s amazing! (she has actually written stories in the same universe for other bts members, which I also highly recommend). Jun 30, 2015 · • Flirting with you and them finding out that you’re a BTS member’s girlfriend • Finding you wrapped up like a burrito watching Stranger Things • You surprise them at their concert after not seeing each other in a long time • You cancelling a date because of horrible cramps. you’re beautiful!! you’re cute!!! own it!!! wear bold outfits or makeup and take pictures and replace the negative self talk w positive self talk!!! You weren’t extremely fluent but as long as they understood you, you were quite proud of yourself. ⁙ summary: you were in an arranged marriage with a man you’re convinced isn’t fit to be your husband. Genre: Angst/Fluff. Between the youngest You were terrified. In retrospect, Namjoon probably should’ve seen it coming. in a universe far far away, kim namjoon and kim seokjin have been thrown into an arranged marriage that needs to appear real. com/post/160092443337/posting-schedule Tags arrangedmarriage comedy drama hyeri romance engagement taehyun girlsday fanfiction  -in which the journey of jimin and jungkook takes a turn -still my fav fic ever Jikook NSFW Arranged Marriage AU—- Jimin and Jungkook are the sons of  28 Mar 2018 fav a/b/o au where jjp arranged marriage. It’s a pretty awesome fanfic, and I really like Itachi in here! Escape Artist by Fiorea POSSIBLY ABANDONED? MinaNaru. Jimin turns to him. king of the clouds kth ― m. You did not hesitate to press the passcode of his studio, knowing he might get pissed off for interrupting him from his work. victorious Jun 18, 2018 · Category Entertainment; Song 하루만(MR) Just One Day(MR) Artist Music For U; Album 베스트 보이그룹 MR 반주 Vol. ↳ enemies to lovers au, royalty au, arranged marriage au — fluff; smut; angst; ♡ | 24k. He lost the one thing that gave his life actual meaning, the one thing who truly understood everything he went through, because just like him you were broken. The fact that his company would benefit from it was only a plus, according to Hey guys I have a fanfic recommendation list for BTS and EXO. A series of one shots centered around the same, chaotic group of friends whose friendship began based on one, shared commonality: they all met while they were v i r g i n s. Summary: In a world where everyone has their secrets, Jung-Kook, young and naïve, wants nothing more than his marriage to a stranger to be open and honest. And if you are looking for a roommate au, @hobidreams ‘s Of Lace and Lust is the way to go. Word Count: 1k+ Things were going to be done differently now, and for once, it was a good change for you. Ok I have a good fanfic that you should Originally posted by sugutie. two | keep your enemies close . Oh Sehun, the most popular, sought after boy in school was naked in your home and you hadn’t even realized it for a good 30 seconds. ” “You’re a liar, if you knew about the marriage then you must’ve known it was me, otherwise how could you move around the world for it?” Read Jin // Arranged Marriage from the story BTS : Imagines by _yarahassan0_ with 2,524 reads. A/N: This is a joke; it’s so short it As you closed your eyes, scenes replayed across your mind. fumbling through a fake relationship isn’t fun, and it’s even less so when everything about the two clashes. I nodded. #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad See more. Below you will find everything I have written for EXO. I couldn’t even begin to read his expression. 24. it’s your first time seeing him since you left. V ) " WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! Arranged - Chapter 6 BTS MafiaAU! Description: (Y/N) was born and raised in her father´s mafia. he’s got his head too high in the clouds. 9K 800 Park santija is an outcast in whole school no one pays any attention to her nor cares and worst of all she is bullied by 7 kingkas and their queenkas but the thing is th “Believing you meant that I would only be deceived by you. rule number three: a snippet. Mafia!BTS Reaction: You Know Their Secret (Maknae Line) Hyung Line | MasterList A/N: Finally Part 2!!!! Thanks everyone for your patience, and I hope you enjoy!!! my fanfic recommendations of 2019. If you have no further questions or concerns then,” he said, placing a heavy pen gently atop the contract. BTS and ASLAN come to an agreement to join forces to stop VIPER. Taehyung x reader: One night stand (Three) Part of the ‘Married to You’ Series. He dies and finds himself in the past of another dimension. The ballroom has been decorated to perfection, with black silk hanging from the ceiling all around the vicinity, the scalloped ends kissing the creme and gold-crossed tiles, round tables places adjacent to one another with enough space for the guests to navigate around toward the long row of assorted foods all hand-chosen by yourself. Type: Angst (sorta)Fluff. Summary: A one night stand with Kim Taehyung turns into something you never would’ve expected. Hi dear!!! 梁梁梁 I’ve been good… finally done with all but 1 of my finals which is next week and shouldn’t be too bad! 拾 I hope you’ve been peachy and happy and I’ve missed you too I always get so so so happy whenever I see a message from you. Fran. [Read on AO3] (One-shot, Arranged Marriage, scowling like cats and dogs at first and end up becoming lovebirds, slight JinMin and JungHope) (There’s so much. You had both agreed that you would remain married until the child was born and after that go your separate ways. Oct 17, 2018 · Arranged Marriage w/ Hvitserk (pt. Warnings: Coarse language, although not frequently. 1. Mafia!BTS Reaction: You Know Their Secret (Hyung Line) Maknae Line | Masterlist Anonymous asked: Do you take reaction requests?? If so could u do a bts reaction where theyre in the mafia and try to Chapter 2: Just As Much A Queen. #bts fluff . He and my mom had an arranged marriage, and it worked for them. Seokjin is a good man, and your parents arranged the marriage ages ago—some deal to merge both your fathers’ companies, solidified by a proposal that you didn’t want but couldn’t protest. BTS Fics Recs [1] (repost) → Since i really enjoy reading fanfictions i thought it could be a good idea to share some of them with you! So here’s a fic-rec list of some stories that i’ve read and am i The water is calm, and the only sound is the wind blowing in the trees. 8 Best K-pop Boy group Music (MR) Vol. LIES - Yoongi confesses he likes someone else and Hobi helps you pick up the pieces - Series Fic please bear with me while I transfer all my fic recs from my BTS rec tumblr to this one, sadly this means spamming with some posts to the arranged marriage then Nov 14, 2017 · GOT7 Fic Recs masterlist Last updated March 27, 2018 GOT7 masterlist pt. #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and Summary: Your arranged marriage to Minseok eliminated, not only the worry of having to find someone your family approved of but take over as the new don. And please note when I said Game of Thrones, I mean Game of Thrones back in its incredible prime, not the shitty season 8 we all agree was a nightmare never to be thought of again. 3. Originally posted by bwipsul. They are not meant to reflect or label the members of BTS in any way. 🌊💔 Both of your parents had agreed to make an arranged marriage for the two of you. Every noise put you on edge, even in the hotel room you were currently barricaded in. Reaction to Meeting Your Ex at Some Sort of Function. “Arranged marriage since I don’t think I have a choice. bangtan has accomplished so much, and i could never have felt any more happier than i am now!! Get more free themes & plugins. ♡ how are you doing? I was wondering if you know any Nerdy Tae is put into arranged marriage with Jungkook who hates Taehyung but will slowly be in love with Taehyung? Preferable if it's complete and Mpreg. This story will be about BTS memeber and metalhead which means a girl who loves metal and rock music, and how she was on job to find out in the end that she is on a realty show! I would also like to recommend @neonlights92 ‘s Monster series, a mafia/arranged marriage au that it’s amazing! (she has actually written stories in the same universe for other bts members, which I also highly recommend). When the feud between EXO and Bangtan escalates beyond control Bangtan’s leader Kim Taehyung sees only one solution: a marriage of convenience between a member of Bangtan and a member of EXO. NO CRYING - Hobi cries a little at your wedding . Part of the Arranged Marriage Series (blog coming soon) JHS x Poc Reader. then your parents hold an arranged marriage for you and sehun. He couldn’t ask for anything else, yet he lost you. 2 notes. one . After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s World's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion. Your parents had already told you that you were going to have an arranged marriage when you were a young kid, but you never knew with whom. Summary: Your arranged marriage to Minseok eliminated, not only the worry of having to find someone your family approved of but take over as the new don. a jimin smut where it’s your first time on your wedding night. Angst. 3) Originally posted by lvckskywalker. “I mean, he’s my best friend. Jul 14, 2016 · Tired | Min Yoongi; Genre: Angst Word Count: 1,493 Request: hi, i love Hurting Hearts! you are good at making angst story! please make a scenario where you thought Yoongi didn’t love you because he was so grumpy around you but secretly he was taking care of you because he love you so much. A/N: Hey there! This has been sitting on my computer for ages and I’m just now finding the courage to post it. Related Tags bts romance jungkook bangtan jimin taehyung you suga fluff angst Posting Schedule: https:// smolwritingchick. I can’t choose. hello, this is the first new year with this blog, and i’d love to ring it in by giving u guys a run down of the fics i’ve loved for the past 12 months!! hopefully i can direct u to some amazing writers and some wonderful fics x “Oh, don’t be dramatic. He sat on his bed with a sigh before gra “If you can’t say no to the arranged marriage then make him say no,” Hoseok suggests, closing his book. BTS Yandere! Mafia! AU. Disclaimer: These works are completely fictitious and for entertainment purposes only. so we have another year that is ending oh so soon. ” “Alright. bts, fanfic, fanfiction. Umbra by @kimvvantae. She has always wanted to get out of the mafia life for as long as she can remember wanting to live a Arranged Marriage (Jungkook) And last but certainly not least, to finish the series off as he always does is our beloved maknae, the second half of the Busan, a man child with the most relaxing voice, Originally posted by jengkook. Park Jimin was not born into Bangtan but has slowly become an intrinsic part of Taehyung’s trusted inner circle. This is Part 1. This story is literally one of my favorite BTS fanfictions ever. requested by anon. Summary: ⇀ Tired from work, you went straight to Genius Lab in the hopes of being able to cuddle with Yoongi. May 25, 2018 · 54 Days or More Summary: You win a contest to spend the summer with BTS. Tags: Non-Idol!Au, Chaebol!Au, Company!Au, Arranged Marriage!Au. Minseok has been your childhood friend… and crush. A band of stange rogues join Skyclan and start a battle and takes one of their younger kits. Too clingy to handle | Yoongi “Thank you for the request! Yoongi x reader angst word count: 2143 warnings: swearing ” Once again you found yourself at the boys dorms, occupying one of the bedrooms to When Two Worlds Collide [Pt. #bts angst . angstfluff pls and ty. Summary: 4 months into marriage, but no progress. masterlist 99% of this is smut! nsfw! 18+!don’t repost/translate/use my stories without my permission since my content is copyrighted under the following license: “if you enjoy reading my stories, People believe those fairytales about falling in love at first sight at the bus, subway, or at the streets. to make a long, long story very, very short, you and kim taehyung have been sworn enemies ever since childhood, that is, until you find out that you’re betrothed to each other for the good of your kingdoms, and everything comes crumbling down. JiKook & Bangtan Fic Recommendations. Your soft hair blew in the refreshing breeze as you walked on the street, the only sound were your clattering heels. The events within never took place. Pairing: Yoongi x Reader. You were irrevocably in love with him but did he feel the same about Hello, beautiful. 23 Jun 2018 LACUNAPAIRING: kim namjoon x reader GENRE: arranged marriage au, fluffy ending WARNINGS: arranged marriage, mentions abuse, and  And since we're talking about good BTS fanfics, I'm here to promote my I do have (all from either ao3 or tumblr since I haven't used wattpad since I was 14) so when he realised she saw everything he forces her to marry him and keep quiet  Browse bangtanboys fanfics and stories. #bts fic . To announce it to the two of you, they met you for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Starring: BTS's V, OC. Jikook Foto Bts Bts Photo Bts Suga Jhope Taehyung Namjoon Otp Jung Hoseok. He should’ve guessed it all from the way his brain always found a way to focus on you, or how he could often tell how you were feeling, the weird sense of belonging when you were around. O. Nearing a half an hour ago you had ordered some food from a nearby pizza place, and it had yet to arrive. NCT (all units): masterlist kpop kpop fanfic stray kids stray kids fanfic bts bts fanfic ateez ateez fanfic nct nct fanfic Read Part Best honeymoon suite from the story Arranged marriage to the gangster (Jungkook ff) Version by Baby_Nochu with reads. ↳ Genre | Angst, Smut/Mature scenes, Arranged Marriage! AU, Suspense ↳ Word Count | est. a/n: inspiration from that show on TV forgot what channel but it’s called married at first sight so yeah…I also assumed you meant the reader had never had sex before but Jimin had Hey guys I have a fanfic recommendation list for BTS and EXO. After another hour passes and you finally hear your front door being unlocked, you instantly know it was him as none else knows the password of your house, unless he tells his side chick your house’s password. bts imagines bts fanfic kpocreader kpoc black reader bts x reader bts x black reader bts poc poc bts pockpop bts namjoon jin yoongi hoseok Aug 22, 2018 · Arranged marriage to my bully (BTS FANFIC) 113K 2. Much. It was more of a business agreement than a marriage. ° Bound to love by Yoongi_howell (Arranged marriage, Drama, Two and a half smut scenes but da story really good) ° Assassins Order by TaeSyubDKook (Tae gets into some shit, Kook is an assassin, Like one smut scene, Domestic Ass Taekook) ° love taehyung by ataezingkookie (So. “What do you mean?” “You said you can’t say no because your parents will most probably stop supporting you and thus ruin your future, which we aren’t sure of by the way. 8 bts mafia reaction: part 2 you’re pregnant and try to leave them (hyung line) part 1 maknae line part 2 masterlist jin Jin chuckled while he walked up the drive way of your shared home. Mar 05, 2018 · Happy-Meo MASTER LIST !! I try to update this as often as I can cause I know how hard it can get to find your way around LOL :) As always I really appreciate every one who has subscribed to me! Bottom Taehyung Fics ;) Can you recommend some Arranged Marriage fics? sorry you guys. It is mostly focused on only one pairing and it is usually a pairing that wouldn’t normally get together such as crack ships or doomed ships. I’m already a few chapters in, so if you guys (whoever you are) enjoy it, then by all means let me know and I’ll | Tags: abuse arrangedmarriage you bts taehyung. Reaction to You Buying Couple’s Stuff Masterlist A/N: I had to make a new masterlist because I had some problems updateing the old one Reactions• BTS reaction to their S/O wearing a kigurumi (onsie) • BTS after a breakup • BTS reaction to BTS OT7 OURS ☑️ Marriage, Not Love Arranged Marriage, Rich Heir AU! Currently only published on Asianfanfic and AO3! Powered by Tumblr. [A/N] This is the first fic i post on tumblr so… yeah [] Namjoon x Reader Werewolf AU, Angst 1197 words. I spend a considerable amount of time reading fanfics so I'm here to share my faves. GIF and Writen reactions, Written and photo ships, scenarios and more. His new bride, young yet experienced, knows how many lies people tell every day, but hopes her new husband never sees through her own. You became distant with him and moved in 10th grade without telling him. But it's Arranged Marriage au. He was a member of BTS, he had the love and support of his family, friends, and the ARMY. ⁛ A/N: this fic is actually from a Fic Title ask game I played a while ago! I hope you enjoy it! blog masterlist (due to tumblr link problem, i will add these at a later date) Keep reading Hi friends, I’m gonna step away from tumblr for a bit. And. Exo Scenario - Sehun’s Arranged Marriage. The day you decided to leave the comfortable tower of refuge because of a forced marriage into a reputable family to dispel the rumours of JB’s underground relations. You had seen so many suspicious figures, you had seen someone follow you. Warnings: Fluff. compliment yourself!!! say you look cute!!! say your outfit is nice!!! say you like how you look!!!! it’s not conceited. He was your neighbor and you knew him since you were born. I freaking love these ‘destined soulmates’ type of stories and this one was so good I definitely felt the Hallmark movie vibes, but this was so much better . ( Jin's P. I said this to a friend already but I want to learn to love tumblr again. playlist: baby I’m yours by arctic monkeys ♣ ♣ ♣ The smell of food reached all the way up to the bedrooms where Jin was already awake. Exo Scenario: Arranged Marriage with Sehun ~ Sehun’s older than you by 5 years. • You not wanting to cuddle after a shitty day self-love-dude:. BIRTHDAY GIRL - Hobi’s kid POV - It’s Hobi’s daughter’s 3rd birthday . uhu…. Title: Will you kiss me again? jikook kookmin minkook jungmin bts fanfic bts scenarios jikook fanfic. Hoseok: Your marriage to Jeon Jungkook is just another business transaction. pairing: bts x reader fandom: bts warnings: non idol! au ; mafia!au ; language genre: angst ; fluff ; hints of smut a/n:  2 Apr 2018 “Love grows, it doesn't come right away, it comes slowly”. When you got the email from something you signed up for over a year ago about arranged marriage, you didn’t think anything would be done with it. au #jeon jungkook au #contract marriage au #bts jungook fanfic #jeon jungkook fanfic AN ARRANGED AFFAIR - You are in an arranged marriage with Hobi . But it doesn’t make sense how they’d laugh at the ones who fell in love at first sight through TV screens. 1] Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader Genre: Angst & Eventual Fluff Arranged Marriage!Au Word Count: 1,742 [WTWC Masterlist] [[MORE]]By myself, I wandered the streets of Rome. It’s a really good fanfic, and it made me like the pairing cause of the way it’s done. excuses to share a bed with bts ↳ fluff, mild angst arranged marriage au | fluff, angst #bts fanfic . Your husband Jungkook, ever your anchor, tries to cheer you up with gentle words. jhspetitegf:. Arranged Marriage with the Playboy,Jeon Jungkook. - Negative by @bantangy ️ Summary: You and your husband, Taehyung, have been trying to get pregnant for a year now ↠ Do not allow my work to be re-uploaded anywhere, I hold an account here (Tumblr), Wattpad, and AO3 all under the same alias (magicalsalamander). oh my, the year passed by so fast and honestly, i couldn’t even keep up with everything as much lmao. Most of the next day is spent with boxes and memories. Arranged Marriage AU – Similar to the Marriage Law AU, only the difference is that not all the characters are required to be married. Knees to her chest the girl sits gazing at the horizon. You’d never really lived anywhere else, not even been to many other people’s houses. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Hug Me [J-Hope/Hoseok; Angst] “As the days pass it grew bigger, this vacant space of yours. ♡ Premeditated Arranged Marriage (SEHUN, vampire AU) “Please, mother, please don’t do this!” you cried holding onto your mother’s skirts as she pushed you through the town square. 2. ”You looked up, hearing Hoseoks voice as panicked pulsed through your veins to your  24 Jan 2018 MASTERLIST FANFICTION BTSHoseok: MAFIA AU MASTERLIST Taehyung: MAFIA AU MASTERLIST Jin: MAFIA AU Your marriage to Jeon Jungkook is just another business transaction. Yet another Arranged Marriage bts yoongi bts jimin yoongi x reader jimin fluff yoongi BTS Imagine // Royalty!AU with Namjoon Kim Namjoon summary: your mother has arranged your marriage to the evil king of a neighbouring kingdom but not everything is as it seems genre: romance, Jun 08, 2018 · If that means agreeing to an arranged marriage, then so be it. Reaction to You Saying What You Like About Them. You Never Shop Alone [ Mini Masterlist ] - smut / humor / mall!AU Bound (Master List) In a world where marriage isn’t by choice and love isn’t an option – will you ever find happiness? Or just continue to search? An arranged marriage world by @underthejoon and Nov 25, 2017 · BTS / Mafia AU – You start to have feelings for them after an arranged marriage “REQUEST: Heyyy,,,so I just finished reading your exo’s arranged marriage and how yn starts to slowly have feelings for Summary: When you are in a arranged marriage and he doesn’t love you so you flirt with another man and he become jealous. A/N: he’s so cute in that gif, my heart. Arranged Marriage-mpreg, jikook kookmin minkook jungmin bts fanfic bts married at first sight. Weekly Fanfic Recommendations: Best of 2017; Originally posted by yoonmin. My farther does not hate me even if it can seem like it, but he believes he choose what’s the best life for me. Jimin: His face would drop from amusement to serious in one swift motion. I really enjoyed this blog, but got away from it when I moved and started college. You are packing up and leaving your home forever. von taey00ngi gelikt Bts mpreg fanfic. I think Tae’s and Y/N You lean in and kiss him, slowly, softly. Their reaction to you killing yourself to escape the torture. Arranged Marriage-mpreg, wolf au. It happened when you were choreographing a dance for a high school in Chicago. Jungkook is a gangster b… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad See more bts 2017 | Tumblr See more. There’s gonna be a part four, becuase I couldn’t put it all in one sorry if this took long, school is a bitch y’know? #bts #bts fanfics #kpop masterlist #masterlist #bts angst #bts fluff. ” “I swear you get dumber as the days go on. With her curiosity and ambition, Sumin was set to do her task, and possibly find what she had missed, wanted, and who she was. bite sized — 100 ways to say I love you“07 of 100 complete | next update Unknown (These drabbles have potential to become full-fledged one-shots and series, so don’t hold back in showing your Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Royalty, Arranged Marriage, Top Kim Taehyung | V, Bottom Min Yoongi | Suga, Strangers to Lovers, Fluff and Smut, Anal Sex, Mentioned of Mpreg, taegi - Freeform; read it on the AO3 at https://ift. Come drown with me. Between the youngest member An arranged marriage AU In which, after an incident with the death of three queens and the King of the Dragons leading to a quick yet devastating 3-year war, a request was made by Prince Azymondias for the war to stop, prior to his coronation. i got busy with life and then i just forgot i had a tumblr… This network dedicated to the fanfic writers of the BTS fandom. Ask and you shall receive! Sorry it took so long, the thought of writing this one really tore me up a little bit inside so I kept putting it off, especially because I wanted to make sure I put aside enough time to make it long like you asked for, and so it is!! Arranged Marriage (Jin) So a while ago someone requested Prince!BTS in an arranged marriage and I thought that just sounded really interesting and fun to do so I wanted to do it today!! To start us Anonymous said: Hello! Do you know any taekook arranged marriage au? (๑・v・๑) Answer: Sure can do anonnie! Ohmygosh im exhausted im going to crash so sorry if i dont make sense. Between the youngest member of BTS BTS mafia reaction: Disrespecting them infront of their gang. Aug 05, 2016 · Scenarios are arranged in chronological order, with oldest scenarios at the beginning: ↳ marriage au, parenthood au | angst #bts fanfic masterlist . tumblr. von lolawlolawlol gelikt . The last fanfic I posted was in May of 2016! I started this in 2015 and it is now 2017. a time limit on this arranged relationship. Reactions: Reaction to You Being a Foreigner Who Knows Their Native Language. When you part, it’s just barely. Tagged as bts bts mafia au bts reactions bts imagines bts scenarios kpop mafia au kpop reactions kpop imagines kpop scenarios bts fanfiction bts fanfic fanfiction mafia au bts jin kim seokjin bts suga min yoongi bts j-hope jung hoseok bts rm kim namjoon bts jimin park jimin bts v kim taehyung bts jungkook jeon jungkook It was very split over tumblr and ao3, but there was a clear choice. Click on info for more information :) {Updates every weekend} requests are open. 16k ↳ Summary | He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. Summary: BTS, ASLAN, and VIPER are 3 of the most prominent and ferocious mafia gangs in the country. When the fates of the two collide, what will happen? Will they be able to take control of their own destinies, or will something new “And you would have secure work during our marriage as my assistant,” Yoongi said, finally lifting his eyes to meet mine. Originally posted by 365daysoffeels (gif not mine, check out it’s owner) a/n: There isn’t a good enough explanation to why I haven’t updated this sooner other that I was really sad for the longest time. Genre: arranged marriage AU!,  23 Aug 2018 Mafia!Hoseok [Arranged Marriage] Part 2 Summary: However, Hoseok really Jungkook, you're going to guard the back entrance, and Yoongi,  19 Aug 2018 Hoseok AU (Arranged Marriage) Summary: “Leave. A/N: This is the last part of the request. If you see that someone is doing so please inform me immediately with a link if possible. Studio cuddle. He trains her to hate the clans and much as he does why her sister is found by an apprentice from another clan and was raised by a carrying queen with one of her nieces. 9 Aug 2018 Not So Perfectly Arranged | Kim Taehyung you must marry taehyung by you were lurking through all of bts' videos, watching taehyung and  2 Jul 2019 AU) → arranged marriage. hi guys! sorry that ive been so awfully slow to update. I’m sorry for taking so long and I’m sorry that the part is so short! This network dedicated to the fanfic writers of the BTS fandom. A/N bts scenarios bts fanfic taehyung fanfic taehyung fluff bts taehyung fanfic bts taehyung scenario bts taehyung fanfiction bts taehyung taehyung bts fanfic fluff Happy Valentine's day lol I got no dates - maybe I should rent someone Jesusthis story is a lot longer than I had planned BTS SERIES MASTERLISTS: The Rich Man’s Crochet Club [ Mini Masterlist ] - smut / humor / virgin!AU. hello to all my new followers as well! :) thanks for reading and i’ll always love to hear from you guys on your comments! xoxoxoxox BTS and the Metalhead Girl. 2 BTS/ GOT7 bias and wreckers masterlist • jy virgin friends get escort for birthday- absolute fav • jjp Im Jaebum Friends to lovers au PART 2 (fluff, angst) part 1 ⬅️. Never once did you think you would be getting married to someone you only met once but here you were looking in the mirror. You were wearing a white wedding dress and you would have loved this if it was your own choice but since this was arranged you couldn’t enjoy it at all. 1 GOT7 masterlist pt. ♡ SDOAM EXO Masterlist. You didn’t have the best background before you moved to Korea and found your ballet teaching job. ~closed~ Request Guidelines: State which group/person you’re requesting for and what type of writing Your request may be tweaked due to writing style and my guidelines. The night was cold, dark coat covered the whole world. I think Tae’s and Y/N One shots ♛ MASTERLIST ♛ of my one shot collection Jikook (Jimin and Jungkook) 1. “Okay. taegi bts taegi fic bangtan bts fic bts fanfic bts fan fiction kim taehyung min yoongi suga Minjoon AO3 Feed ♡ This blog is an automated list of the fanfictions posted on the Archive Of Our Own under the Jimin/Namjoon tag :) If there's any issue with this blog, you can contact me on my main blog. You had agreed to married Taehyung deciding that it was the best thing for your child. BTS Imagine // Royalty!AU with Jin Kim Seokjin summary: Your marriage to Prince Seokjin had been arranged since you were young. You don’t want to leave, but you know you’ll have to go soon. They’re not selling you off, they just arranged a marriage for you. Reverse timeline fic with supernatural elements, something you need to read twice after having  9 Jun 2016 Why You Should Read It: Unlike most fanfics where the main character is helpless and One crazy arranged marriage. Sorry if i'm asking too much. Genre/words: Arranged Marriage! AU, Angst (kinda?) / 1,2k words Author Note: this is a mini drabble from the Carousel series universe. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, so why are you so nervous? Warnings: A few bad words. I’m glad he’s happy but he’s preventing me from making him money by doing all these free museum exhibits!” We’ll Be Fine Pt. Have a good day. Joohyun finds a letter she wrote for Santa Claus when she was 8 years old. (BTS Yandere Mafia AU) Warning : This has dark themes and explicit mentions of self harm and suicide, as well as rape. Well, technically he was half naked, considering he wore a towel around his waist, but that didn’t stop you from dropping the bowl of chips you had been holding when you turned around and finally caught sight of him. bts fanfic arranged marriage tumblr